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Angel Hotel Samara


Welcome to Angel Hotel Samara. Cozy modern suites just 20 minutes from Kurumoch airport. The hotel stands in the center of Upravlenchiskiy district. Moderate prices, well-trained staff, the atmosphere of comfort and cosiness all create perfect site for business, relaxation and good mood.

Angel Hotel is a european level enterprise. It was built in 2009 using only cutting-edge materials and technologies. Anytime it offers:

  • Electricity (three independent sources, own substation, a diesel generator);
  • Water supply (own bore 160 m and connection to water utilities, modern water purification system);
  • Heating (boiler house made of the two boilers VIESSMANN redundant);
  • Cooling (Proper air conditioning and ventilation system);
  • Entertainment (Cable and satellite television, high speed internet).

Angel Hotel Samara - comprises best-in-class standards of service, proximity to the city and the airport, low prices and home atmosphere.

The hotel guests can choose any of the 53 suites with all conveniences: shower, television, telephone, safe, minibar, hairdryer. Breakfast included.

Our guest could enjoy our chef's best cuisine in Angel Hotel restaurant. Excellent food and quality service are guaranteed.

Check in or order a table by phone: + 7 (846) 202-15-88.